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Every birth, every woman and every couple are unique, with no one experience ever the same.
That's why I have taken all the care to create birthing support packages that are completely flexible and tailored specifically to your needs. Additional appointments can also be added at anytime.
I like to meet with you and your partner at your free initial consultation, as I see you both as a team, working together to birth your baby. This is a great starting point and opportunity to ask me lots of questions. Nothing is off the table! 
There is a package for everyone and I support all births whether you choose to birth at home or in hospital.

Be sure to check out my birthing support packages and frequently asked questions for more information. 

Birthing Support Packages

Our Doula offers different levels of support, from conception to birth and beyond.  

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                               when women and couples ask lots of questions and get curious about their pregnancy and desires for birth. It is here they find their own answers, leaving them feeling empowered, confident and connected.

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