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Postpartum Meal

Support Package

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Ayurvedic inspired post birth meals, mindfully prepared and delivered fresh to your door. 


Postpartum as a priority!

Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that originated in India and focuses on balancing the body, mind, and spirit.


Ayurvedic inspired meals can have several benefits for women postpartum and focus primarily on nourishment, digestive health, hormonal balance and stress relief. 

During childbirth, the body also loses a lot of heat. All meals incorporate a variety of nutrient dense, whole foods together with specific herbs and spices to encourage warmth back to the body.


Everything on the menu is easy to digest, whilst remaining calming and grounding in nature.

The perfect addition to your birthing and postpartum support package.

Welcome Home
Meal Package!

$149 (inc GST)

What's included

  • 1 x breakfast

  • 1 x soup

  • 1 x dinner

  • 1 x snack

  • Your choice of meals from the menu below

  • Partner add ons available - $49 (meals only, not including snacks)


Meal Package

$379 (inc GST)

What's included

  • 3 x breakfasts

  • 3 x soups

  • 3 x dinners

  • 1 x snack

  • 1 x loaf

  • Your choice of meals from the menu below

  • Partner add ons available - $99 (meals only, not including snacks and loaf)


Copy of OUR DOULA PACKAGING (6)_edited_e


  • Golden Ayurvedic oats w/ goji berries, maple and hemp seeds

  • Coconut and vanilla chia pudding w/ poached pears

  • Sally's signature homemade granola

  • Vanilla rice pudding w/ warming chai spices

  • Each breakfast = 2 servings

  • Vegan options available on request



  • Herby minestrone soup

  • Nourishing coconut, ginger and pumpkin soup

  • Organic chicken and vegetable broth w/ rice and spice 

  • Slow cooked lamb shank and barley soup

  • All soups @ 1L = 2 serves (500ml per serve)

  • Vegan options available on request



  • Red lentil dahl w/ basmati rice

  • Warming Vata kitchari

  • Seasonal curry or laksa w/ basmati rice

  • All dinners served with toasted nuts

  • All dinners @ 1L = 4 serves @ 250ml per serve

  • Vegan options available on request



  • White chocolate and raspberry bliss balls - 12 per serve

  • Granola booby bickies - 8 per serve



  • Coconut and jam cake

  • Banana and nut loaf

  • Ginger, pear and coconut cake (Vegan)

  • Oaty seed loaf (Vegan)

  • Do you provide vegan/vegetarian options for the meal plan?
    Absolutely, Kate from Nourish the Mother has you covered when it comes to your dietary requirements. Please ask at the time of your booking. 
  • What is a Closing of the Bones Ceremony?
    During pregnancy and birth our physical bodies and energy fields expand at peak levels. A Closing of the Bones Ceremony acknowledges new mothers following their birth. This is done by wrapping long scarves or rebozo’s from head to toe resembling a grounded warm embrace. A gentle ceremony that guides you back to your body, your bones into place, whilst increasing warmth and blood flow. Re-establish a sense of self through this ultimate self care and age old ritual. 
  • What is Abhyanga massage?
    Abhyanga massage is a full body massage using warm Ayurvedic herbal oils to pacify and bring balance to the nervous system. You will be gently invited into a state of deep rest and rejuvenation using long sweeping strokes with various pressure and activation of marma points. Some of the many benefits include: Reduces fatigue and promotes deep sleep Stimulates and strengthens the lymphatic system Enhances blood circulation Increases oxytocin, the loving, bonding and anti-anxiety hormone  Detoxification of the body Supports digestion
  • What is the duration of the Abhyanga massage and Closing of the Bones Ceremony? And when can I book in?
    Abhyanga warm oil massage is 80 minutes duration and recommended 21 days postpartum or 3 months post c-section. The Closing of the Bones ceremony is 90 minutes and recommended 6 weeks postpartum.
  • Can we bring our newborn along with us to the Abhyanga massage and Closing of the Bones Ceremony?
    Yes, of course your little one can join us. However, if you are fortunate on the day to have someone mind your bubba either at home or together with you, that’s great too. It may be difficult at times to hold your baby whilst receiving your treatment. Trust what feels right for you and your baby on the day.
  • Can I choose one of these above options without choosing the whole Ayurvedic Experience?
    This package has been designed with a new mother and full immersive experience in mind. It is preferred that new mothers experience the full package for optimal results. I am more than happy to discuss individual options at the time of your enquiry.
  • Can I add the Ayurvedic Postpartum Experience to my birthing support package?
    YES absolutely. This package can be added to any of my birthing support packages.
  • Have another question?
    I'd love to hear from you! m. 0400 907 370

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