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Introducing our Relationship and Connection Cards—created to invite open and effective communication between birthing women and their partners throughout the transition to parenthood.


Embrace parenthood with our 60-card relationship and connection deck. These guiding questions will encourage you to share thoughts, express feelings, explore new perspectives, and engage in meaningful conversations. Designed to spark joy, you will be left with a feeling of warmth in your heart as you prepare to welcome your new baby.


These cards promise a blend of fun and engagement, encouraging expectant couples to embark on a journey of shared exploration with a smile.


Enhanced Communication: Dive into conversations that matter, facilitated by thought-provoking questions that encourage you and your partner to share feelings, ask important questions, and explore each others perspectives.


Meaningful Connection: Strengthen your bond with your partner through meaningful conversations around pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum experiences. These cards provide a platform for you both to connect on a deeper level.


Joyful Preparation: Infuse joy into your preparations for welcoming your new baby. These cards are not just a tool; they're a delightful activity that adds an element of fun to the journey, turning ordinary moments into memorable ones.


As you embark on this extra special chapter of your lives, let our Relationship and Connection Cards be your guide and pave the way for a beautiful start to your parenting adventure. Enjoy.

* Relationship and Connection Cards * Pregnancy - Birth - Postpartum


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