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In Home Labour 

Support Package

Copy of OUR DOULA PACKAGING (6)_edited_e

In home labour support for couples choosing to birth in hospital as their own team, without a doula present. 

Young mum standing with her child on her feelin the Kitchen

Being in the comfort of your own home has many benefits in early labour.

Labour support at home can minimise the likelihood of arriving at hospital too early, which can feel disruptive and stressful.

Knowing when to head to hospital is a question I'm asked a lot. I respond by saying "your body, your words and your sounds will let you and me know when it's time to go".


During your labour at home, I'm by your side, providing doula support and guidance to you and your birth partner. While you're in hospital, I'm just a phone call away, ready to answer your questions and offer my continued support.

Package cost

$2,499 (inc GST)

What's included

  • Free initial consultation

  • 2 pregnancy appointments

  • 2 early postpartum appointments

  • On-call phone support between all appointments

  • Labour support in the comfort of your own home

  • On-call phone support whilst you are at hospital

  • Access to the complete Partnered Birth Program!

  • Complimentary pregnancy and postpartum photoshoot *see FAQ's for more information

  • Available virtually AUSTRALIA WIDE for people living rural and interstate.

Man and woman laying in bed cuddling together
  • Do you provide vegan/vegetarian options for the meal plan?
    Absolutely, Kate from Nourish the Mother has you covered when it comes to your dietary requirements. Please ask at the time of your booking. 
  • What is a Closing of the Bones Ceremony?
    During pregnancy and birth our physical bodies and energy fields expand at peak levels. A Closing of the Bones Ceremony acknowledges new mothers following their birth. This is done by wrapping long scarves or rebozo’s from head to toe resembling a grounded warm embrace. A gentle ceremony that guides you back to your body, your bones into place, whilst increasing warmth and blood flow. Re-establish a sense of self through this ultimate self care and age old ritual. 
  • What is Abhyanga massage?
    Abhyanga massage is a full body massage using warm Ayurvedic herbal oils to pacify and bring balance to the nervous system. You will be gently invited into a state of deep rest and rejuvenation using long sweeping strokes with various pressure and activation of marma points. Some of the many benefits include: Reduces fatigue and promotes deep sleep Stimulates and strengthens the lymphatic system Enhances blood circulation Increases oxytocin, the loving, bonding and anti-anxiety hormone  Detoxification of the body Supports digestion
  • What is the duration of the Abhyanga massage and Closing of the Bones Ceremony? And when can I book in?
    Abhyanga warm oil massage is 80 minutes duration and recommended 21 days postpartum or 3 months post c-section. The Closing of the Bones ceremony is 90 minutes and recommended 6 weeks postpartum.
  • Can we bring our newborn along with us to the Abhyanga massage and Closing of the Bones Ceremony?
    Yes, of course your little one can join us. However, if you are fortunate on the day to have someone mind your bubba either at home or together with you, that’s great too. It may be difficult at times to hold your baby whilst receiving your treatment. Trust what feels right for you and your baby on the day.
  • Can I choose one of these above options without choosing the whole Ayurvedic Experience?
    This package has been designed with a new mother and full immersive experience in mind. It is preferred that new mothers experience the full package for optimal results. I am more than happy to discuss individual options at the time of your enquiry.
  • Can I add the Ayurvedic Postpartum Experience to my birthing support package?
    YES absolutely. This package can be added to any of my birthing support packages.
  • Have another question?
    I'd love to hear from you! m. 0400 907 370

Labour support



Copy of OUR DOULA PACKAGING (6)_edited_e

Additional appointments can be added to your package at any time during your pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Pregnancy and postpartum can be experienced as a time of great love and joy with equal amounts of adjustment and exhaustion.

Birth can also come with many unknowns. This is why I have created additional appointments so you can sit back and relax knowing  support is available when you need it the most.

Available Australia wide to anyone who feels they require that little bit of extra support. 

Clients Say ...


As soon as we spoke with Kellie on the phone we knew she was the doula for us! Kellie is such a kind and relatable person, she really made us feel at ease right from the start

It was our wish to go to the hospital as late as possible to avoid any unnecessary intervention and Kellie helped us achieve that by guiding us through the labour at home, and by being a calm and positive presence throughout. She was particularly great at guiding my partner in how best to help me (making him the world's best birth partner). In the end we had the beautiful water birth that we had envisioned with no intervention and a very healthy happy baby.


The postnatal visits from Kellie were really helpful too, as I was struggling with breastfeeding and she was full of helpful advice. Plus she was just a great person to chat with. Even between appointments Kellie was always there for us, through texts and phone calls. We can't thank her enough for being there for us throughout the whole experience, and helping us to have a really terrific birth. Thank you so much Kellie xx

Kelly, Jarad and Delilah

Catherine and Drew

Painting by Olivia Matthews the sacred birthing place

Painting by Olivia Matthews — Sacred Birthing Place

When we fell pregnant with our second child, we wanted to experience a new birth, a new story and with Kellies support, we were able to do this by welcoming our Son Jarrah into the world by having a normal physiologic labour and birth.


Upon first speaking with Kellie over the phone, I found her to be very patient, gentle, informative and professional.  And then when we met Kellie in person - my Husband Chris, Daughter Matilda and I, formed a beautiful connection with Kellie and knew she was the Doula for us.


Throughout our on-going interactions with Kellie during our pregnancy, Kellie provided support and guidance both in person and over the phone; she was flexible and accommodating; she provided information and resources including books and birth plan examples, as well as personal and professional experiences; she formed a beautiful relationship with Chris and was able to guide and support him personally as well; and one of the key outcomes we wanted from our second pregnancy, was to overcome past experiences and write the way for a new one, and Kellie certainly helped us with this.


Though Kellie was not there with us during labour (as it was quite a quick one!), she was there in spirit and on the phone with Chris providing all her guidance and encouragement in the early hours of the morning which he is truly grateful for.  Kellie's support certainly did not stop there - after the birth of Jarrah, she continued to provide on-going postpartum care, with a very special closure ceremony at the end of our journey together.


We all want to thank you again Kellie for joining us throughout this special journey of ours.  You have a beautiful soul and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

Liv, Chris, Matilda and Jarrah 

two happy new parents smiling brightly holding their sleeping baby

We reached out to Kellie for support at 36 weeks when our birth plans suddenly changed from an anticipated private midwifery setting to the public hospital system, with no known support people in place.

From the moment Kellie walked into our home for our first face-to-face session at 37 weeks, we immediately felt more calm, confident, and supported in our birthing preferences and plan. She has a natural warmth that made both of us feel completely at ease, as well as bringing wisdom that she intuitively knew when and how to share.


Less than a week later, Kellie was back in our home supporting me (and probably more so my husband!!) through early labour after my waters broke at home at 38 weeks. While I don't remember much of what she may have said or done in those early morning hours, that's because I was so relaxed, empowered, and "in the zone". I do remember she brought my husband a much-needed coffee, provided massage as pain relief, offered quiet reassurance, and helped us to know when it was time to move to the hospital.


Due to COVID restrictions at the time, she continued to support us virtually through the latter stages of labour. Kellie's support package included follow-up postnatal visits including blissful foot soaks and Rebozo massage as well as emotional support for the early parenting phase over a cuppa, and anytime via text or phone calls.


We felt absolutely fortunate that Kellie came into our life when and how she did and will be forever grateful for her role in helping us achieve a calm, positive, and empowering birthing experience.

Kimberley and Kenton

Want to know more?

I'd love to hear from you.

m. 0400 907 370

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