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Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about me. 

I look forward to learning more  about you too. 

Kellie Whiskin seated on a timber stool in a flowy dress smiling to camera

I grew up in a little suburb of Perth, Western Australia. The eldest of five with a very large extended foster family. Our house was always full and a moment never went by without a child in my arms. I very quickly learnt how to love and nurture another.

​I have been blessed to give birth to three children: my first being a hospital birth and my second and third being planned home births. My third child was born in Victoria, far from family and close friends. I soon realised the importance of creating a solid support team and the positive impact this had on my birth and postpartum recovery. The seed was planted!

I went exploring and discovered the world of doulas. From here my passion grew and my personal experiences became the foundation and purpose of my work. 

closeup of our doula herbal products in glass jars on a wooden table
Kellie Whiskin enjoying the outdoors by a river in the sunshine

When I'm not attending births you will find me out in nature. There's nothing I enjoy more than taking long walks in new places, listening to the beautiful sounds of birds singing and camping under the stars. 

I  just love it!

I went on to train as a doula with Rhea Dempsey from Birthing Wisdom in 2010. I found my love and life's calling here in this training. A coming home of sorts. For this I am eternally grateful. I have now attended close to 200 births. This is exactly where I'm meant to be today. Thank you Rhea.


In following my interests I have studied many subjects that ignite my heart's curiosity. Now, let's go back in time for a moment. Another one of my core interests is dance, all the kinds. I was always the first on the dance floor and the last off. In my late twenties I followed this thread and soon became a qualified teacher in Centered Body Movement Therapy. Little did I know what was around the corner. By marrying together movement, breath and sound, these elements have become an integral part of my doula practice and training today. 


As a graduate doula, having worked with numerous couples, I saw the opportunity to broaden my communication skillset. I wanted to bring the tools and resources that counselling offers into my work and went on to complete a Diploma of Counselling in 2011. This has enabled me to work with couples in exploring anxieties and concerns, debriefing from previous birth experiences, family and relationship dynamics and early parenting adjustments. 


I aspire to improve my practice and develop all aspects of my doula role. When I discovered yoni herbal steaming, It captured my interest immediately and I could see its many  benefits and application for birth preparation and postpartum healing. Having now trained as a practitioner and facilitator I'm excited to be bringing this knowledge into my professional practice.


Being part of a couple's birth story is truly an honour. This really is my love job and I feel proud to be of service in my local community and now Australia wide via zoom. It really is my pleasure to continue offering my doula services and training whilst supporting others in making their dreams come true.


Together we can​.

Kellie x

I love questions, so

Please ask!

m. 0400 907 370

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