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I'm honoured to work beside Sarah and have her as part of the Our Doula team.

Sarah has extensively studied the human experience, specifically health, wellness and how we thrive.

Sarah Kavanagh leans casually against a tree smiling softly to camera

Her clinical practice is underpinned by common principles shared in fields typically seen as divergent, including neuroscience, traumatology, attachment, interpersonal biology, mental health, neuroplasticity, epigenetics and quantum physics.


Sarah works with those seeking alternative models of care to support and empower them to access their innate capacity to thrive.

As an introvert, she loves nothing more than sharing lively conversations with loved ones over a delicious meal. Her passions are photography, Pilates, travel and study. 


Sarah Kavanagh

BN,MN (Mental Health) 

Medicare Rebates Available

Follow these two easy steps below to obtain your referral.


1. Request a letter or referral from your GP to Sarah Kavanagh BN, MN (Mental Health NMW00010806371). CMHN 1283 for non-directive pregnancy counselling services - MBS item 81010. Must be signed and dated.


2. Upon receipt of your referral please contact Sarah directly to arrange your appointment.

Get in Touch

Sarah Kavanagh

m. 0418 393 284

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