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Yoni Steaming


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Yoni steaming is a beautiful alternative self care practice for all women — maiden, mother to menopause.

Herbal yoni steaming, also known as vaginal or pelvic herbal steaming, dates back thousands of years and is used in ceremony across many indigenous cultures, still to this day.

Yoni steaming is performed as a routine ritual by many women to honour and connect with the feminine energy, restore balance, clear stagnation and prepare a woman for various rites of passage. Its popularity has been steadily growing in the West, and for good reason. Yoni steaming supports a variety of reproductive health symptoms for women.


Plants, herbs, flowers and seeds are carefully chosen to meet the individual needs of each woman. Herbal preparations are then brewed in simmering water for 12 to 15 minutes, a lot like preparing a herbal tea. The steam acts as a conduit for the wisdom and healing properties of the herbs to rise and infuse the permeable tissues of the labia, vulva, vagina, cervix, uterus and ovaries.


Yoni steaming is a somatic experience that can also evoke an emotional response. For some women this may happen through the felt experience of reconnecting with the womb, resulting in a release of suppressed emotion and energy. For others it may invite a creative vibrancy and vitality. Time and spaciousness post steam is important for rest and an opportunity to reflect on any rising thoughts and feelings that may have come to the surface. 


This grounding self care practice supports women to connect deeply with their bodies in a positive and loving way. It aids in clearing blocked energy and supports yoni and whole body wellness.

"Herbal yoni steaming is a ritual I engage in my life now, regularly, and it's my pleasure to share this knowledge with you. I'm constantly inspired by nature and in awe of the wildcrafted wisdom that surrounds me". Kellie x

Herbal yoni steaming is a nurturing ritual that I was introduced to in 2019 following signs of hormonal imbalances that resulted in varied acute symptoms. I was determined to find a new normal that would continue to nourish me through this stage of my cycle. Steaming with herbs was so successful, I went on to study and qualify as a practitioner and facilitator later that year. I now feel honoured to be sharing and educating others in this gentle self care practice. I hope to see you at one of my workshops soon.

Kellie x

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Our Doula Organics is bringing the ancient practice of pelvic herbal steaming to the forefront of reproductive and whole body health.

Yoni herbal steaming

... can support you in the following areas:

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  • postpartum healing and recovery

  • love making

  • deep rest and relaxation

  • reproductive health

  • sleep

  • vaginal nectar

  • vitality

  • libido

  • fertility

  • circulation

  • PMS symptoms

  • prolapse

  • trauma

  • connection

  • and so much more

yoni steaming herbs laid out on a white background
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To support optimal reproductive health by exploring alternative health care solutions and self love practices that step beyond the modern day prescriptions.

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