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and Congratulations

Birthing is one of the most sacred times in a woman's life.

Our Doula is a business committed to supporting women and the people they love through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

I’m excited to be introducing you all to the Partnered Birth Program, a signature offering designed for birth partners, with the well-being of the birthing woman and baby in mind.


Complimenting this program my offerings include 1:1 online appointments, birth debriefing and counselling and in home labour support - all tailored to your individual needs. 

Also available in my online store are a selection of perinatal herbal products and connection cards, created to nourish your body and nurture your relationship with self, your birth partner and baby. 


It is my hope that all who visit here feel welcomed, supported and find just what they are looking for. Feel free to have a look around and please make yourself at home. 

Kellie x

Our Mission

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To prioritise positive birth experiences
and  minimise medical interventions through online education that empowers first-time and subsequent parents navigating  birth within a hospital system.

At Our Doula, our vision is to support couples in reaching their fullest birthing potential and unlock the keys to a truly empowering hospital birth experience! We wholeheartedly believe that every birthing journey is unique and worthy of celebration. We acknowledge the individual perspectives and experiences of birth partners by embracing the beauty and diversity of family dynamics, from husbands and stepfathers to partners in same-sex relationships.

Drawing inspiration from latest research as well as the evolving landscape of fatherhood and the growing demand for inclusivity, the Partnered Birth Program aims to reclaim birth support by placing partners at the forefront. From reduced intervention rates to enhanced relationships between expectant couples and their baby, the benefits are undeniable.

The Partnered Birth Program is an experience designed to be shared. It includes a dynamic blend of education, tailored support, and resources designed for birth partners, with activities included to be enjoyed together with the birthing woman.


By embracing this diversity and celebrating the power of birth partner involvement, we unlock a myriad of benefits for birthing women, their families, and the wider community. Join us in our commitment to creating positive impacts and collaborative experiences for all birthing couples worldwide, one family at a time.

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Our new eCourse

Signature Program

Partnered Birth

All the resources you need to be
the best prepared birth partner ever!

The Partnered Birth Signature Program
is your birthing resource, knowledge toolkit and so much more.
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pregnancy connection cards
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Connection Cards

Relationship and

60 guided questions to inspire thought-provoking conversations, enhance your communication, and allow you to explore deeper levels of intimacy. 

A  "birth partner" is someone who is invited by the birthing woman, into her birth space, to provide continuous, non-medical support, during labour and birth. This may include, but not limited to, her intimate partner, family member or trusted friend.



Our Doula Offerings

Our Team

Meet  The Team

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Kellie, a passionate and dedicated doula
and Sarah, a grounded, intuitive mental health specialist.

This dynamic duo met at a mother blessing ten sweet years ago where Kellie facilitated the ceremony and Sarah guided the meditation practice. From this moment on Kellie and Sarah became inseparable. Chatting non stop over afternoon tea, it quickly became apparent they would work together and have been colleagues and the closest of friends ever since.

They are excited to be joining forces, bringing together decades of experience, knowledge and wisdom, especially when it comes to supporting women and the people they love. 


Amongst their many talents, Kellie and Sarah have successfully co-created and facilitated doula training and transitions to motherhood programs. They have been invited as guest speakers to workshops and live events both within Victoria and interstate. Their work extends from Western Australia to the Surf Coast to regional Melbourne and is available Australia wide via Zoom.

Kellie and Sarah are trauma informed with a holistic approach, listen deeply and respond with care. They support you in connecting with your innate wisdom, exploring your options and finding your calm in what can be an overwhelming time.

Kellie Whiskin wearing a flowy dress sitting on a wooden stool smiling to camera

Sarah Kavanagh

Mental Health Specialist, Relationship Coach, Educator and Facilitator

Sarah Kavanagh casually leaning on a large old tree trunk smiling to camera

Kellie Whiskin

Doula, Counsellor,

Movement Therapist and Educator



“she really made us feel at ease right from the start.”


“we wanted to experience a new birth, a new story and with Kellie's support, we were able to do this."


"engaging Kellie as our doula was hands down the best decision we made."


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Birth Partner Guide

'Thriving Together' A Three Step Guide to Optimal Birth and Parenting Outcomes


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