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Birthing support partners, this one’s for you! 


Acknowledging that birth can be unpredictable at the best of times, especially in busy and complex hospital environments, birth support becomes a practice and an art.


The Partnered Birth Program is your comprehensive guide, educating and equipping you to be the best support partner, right from the get-go!


Designed to empower birth partners, this program offers so much more. You will gain the confidence, knowledge, and skills to collaborate effectively with healthcare providers, and provide unique support tailored to the birthing woman’s needs whilst maintaining your own energy and integrity, every step of the way.


This thought-provoking and reflective program is set to transform your world for the better. Not only will you feel supported and ready to welcome your baby, as a unified team,  you will learn skills that can be used over and over again in many of life's transitions.


Birthing support has never felt so good. Let the journey begin!


Program Highlights:


  • Accessible Australia wide 24/7

  • Instant download

  • 30-minute Q&A video call with Kellie on program completion *$60 value

  • BONUS: Free Gift - Relationship and Connection Cards *$49 Value

  • BONUS: Module - Navigating Early Postpartum, Together  *49 Value

  • Birth Debrief reference page

  • Lifetime Access




  • Modules starting from $59

  • Complete Program: $447 - *That's a total saving of more than $200!


Your birth your way.


Our Doula recognises birth partners as a very important part of the birthing woman's journey where your presence isn't just valued—it's celebrated!


Birthing women, imagine for a moment feeling safe and held by the best-prepared birth partner ever! A birth where your relationship is thriving with trust and love. Although designed for birth partners, this program has activities to enjoy together and benefits that support the entire family. The perfect gift to self. Together we can. 

Here at Our Doula we thrive on unlocking the secrets to enjoying an empowering birth in hospital! Yes, it’s absolutely possible.  


Delivered to your inbox - You will receive The Complete Program instantly. Ready to start and work through at your own pace.


The program is designed to be taken as a COMPLETE program or individual Modules - the choice is yours! Modules start from $59



Movement and sound can tell you a lot about how a birthing woman is coping with the intensity of her sensations. Unlock the language of birth by delving into the realm of movement and sound. In this signature module, we unravel the significance of a birthing woman's movements, sounds, and expressions during the intensity of the birth process. Gain invaluable insights into decoding the non-verbal cues that convey her experience.



Everyone comes with their own set of beliefs, experiences, and expectations. By acknowledging and comprehending each other's values, both you and the birthing woman can make decisions during birth that are in harmony with your shared vision. This module equips birth partners with the tools to navigate and align values, promoting informed and collaborative decision-making during the birthing process.



Relationships are not merely transactions; they are the essence of a fulfilling and meaningful existence, influencing both our personal and professional lives. In the context of childbirth, the importance of relationships becomes even more apparent. Birth is a collaborative effort that requires teamwork, trust, and understanding. A strong relationship forms a solid foundation for this teamwork, creating a space where individuals can collaborate, leveraging each other's strengths and supporting vulnerabilities.



Explore the significance of effective communication skills, particularly in the context of the birthing process. By developing these skills and utilizing the Relationship and Connection Card Pack, birth partners can unlock several benefits including improved connection, increased trust and a greater chance of a positive birthing experience.



When it comes to childbirth, the process of understanding information and making informed decisions significantly influences outcomes. This involves acquiring knowledge about various birthing methods, medical interventions, pain management techniques, and other relevant factors to make choices aligned with your preferences, values, and desired birth experience.



Informed consent stands as a cornerstone ethical and legal principle in the realm of healthcare, playing a pivotal role in the context of childbirth. In this module, we explore the fundamental principles of informed consent, including implied consent, and understand a healthcare provider's duty of care during necessary procedures. 



Self-advocacy refers to the act of advocating for oneself, speaking up, and actively seeking to protect one's rights, needs, and interests. It involves taking responsibility for expressing one's desires, making informed decisions, and asserting oneself in various situations, including healthcare settings.



The BRAIN acronym was developed to provide individuals, especially those in medical decision-making situations, with a structured and memorable approach for gathering information, understanding options, and making informed choices.


I really look forward to meeting you over in the program.


See you there! Warmly, Kellie

Complete Partnered Birth Signature Program + BONUS module + FREE Gift and more!


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