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Our Doula Organics — Relaxation Blend is best enjoyed at night time, prior to sleep.


The gentle duo of red rose petals and lemon balm can bring relief to symptoms of anxiety, restless sleep and pre menstrual stress (PMS) by encouraging menstrual cycle regulation and hormonal balance. The addition of lavender, motherwort and passionflower brings ease to a busy mind and evokes deep rest.

This blend is kind when supporting women who may be experiencing signs of emotional burnout, grief and insomnia, bringing peace back to the nervous system. 


If you are unsure of where to start or what blend may be best for you, please book in for one of my custom consultations or check out my upcoming yoni steaming workshops.


Yoni steaming is a beautiful alternative self care practice for all women - maiden, mother to menopause.


Herbal yoni steaming, also known as vaginal steaming, dates back thousands of years and is used in ceremony across many indigenous cultures, still to this day. 


Yoni steaming is performed as a routine ritual by many women to honour and connect with the feminine energy, restore balance, clear stagnation and prepare a woman for various rites of passage. Its popularity has been steadily growing in the West, and for good reason. Yoni steaming supports a variety of reproductive health symptoms for women.


This gentle self care practice supports women to connect deeply with their bodies in a positive and loving way. It aids in clearing blocked energy and supports yoni and whole body wellness.


Yoni herbal steaming can support you in the following areas:

  • postpartum healing and recovery

  • love making

  • deep rest and relaxation

  • reproductive health

  • sleep

  • vaginal nectar

  • vitality

  • libido

  • fertility

  • circulation

  • PMS symptoms

  • prolapse

  • trauma

  • connection

  • and so much more


Our Doula Organics - yoni steam blends are designed to support reproductive health through the practice of yoni steaming. However, they are equally effective as a tea. Please keep in mind that each blend is formulated with yoni steaming in mind and will therefore differ in flavour according to the herbs chosen.



Step-by-step instructions can be found here



You'll find more information on yoni steaming here

Yoni Steam Herbs — Relaxation Blend

PriceFrom $19.95
  • Ingredients - 100% organic and wildcrafted herbs and flowers of lavender, red rose petals, lemon balm, motherwort, passion flower

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