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With just the right mix of herbs Our Doula Organics - Bath Soak is a carefully selected, gentle blend suitable throughout the second and third trimester, and postpartum. This is the ultimate gift for those days when your nervous system needs a break.


The sweet, soft nature of chamomile creates a harmonising effect designed to encourage a deep exhale and relinquish restlessness, irritability and sensitivity. Lavender brings its calming aroma and is often symbolised in ritual to represent love, peace and protection. Lemon balm and rose petals set the mood with their unique quality to sooth the unsettled in each of us. To complete this blend I've added a twist of orange peel known for its softening properties, leaving your skin feeling silky soft.



Add quarter cup of your bath soak blend into warm running water until it dissolves and check water temperature is to your liking. Create the space to enjoy your bath with minimal distractions. Following your bath, allow yourself some quiet time for rest and reflection. 


Herbal Bath Soak

PriceFrom $24.95
  • Magnesium and pink Himalayan rock salts (therapeutic grade), 100% organic herbs and flowers of chamomile, lavender, rose petals, lemon balm and orange peel 

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