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Feed your soles! Our Doula Organics - Foot Soak is a nourishing blend that your feet will love. 


During pregnancy our feet can become weary with swelling and aches. Known for their calming and hydrating qualities, the herbs in this soak along with the therapeutic salts, can relieve symptoms whilst encouraging healthy circulation. 


Peppermint and lavender bring a cooling and relieving quality to this aromatic blend. Calendula has been added to ease lymphatic congestion, swollen ankles and feet. Red rose petals and lemon balm promote relaxation and compliment this visually and sensory pleasing preparation of herbs. 


The beauty of a foot soak is you can enjoy one at any time in your day.



Choose a suitable container. Add quarter of a cup of your foot soak blend into warm running water until it dissolves and check water temperature is to your liking. Find a place where you feel comfortable and gently place your feet into the water. Sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing effects.


Herbal Foot Soak

PriceFrom $24.95
  • magnesium and pink Himalayan rock salts (therapeutic grade), 100% organic herbs and flowers of peppermint, rose petals, calendula, lavender and lemon balm.

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